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Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape
Kendra Wilkinson, is an American celebrity and glamour model. She is well known for her role on the show The Girls Next Door. Her own reality series, Kendra, debuted in June 2009.

Kendra Wilkinson has made several cameos on different programs such as Las Vegas and Entourage. In 2006, she appeared in the Playboy Special Editions Sexy 100. In 2007, she appeared in Nickelback's music video of "Rockstar", along with Madison and Marquardt.

In 2010, a video recording of Kendra Wilkinson having sex with an unidentified man surfaced. The recording was acquired by Vivid Entertainment, who intends to distribute it as "Kendra Exposed".

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Sex Story

"He's fucking someone else Jen, the son of a bitch" Kathy said as she cradled her coffee.

"How do you know? Are you sure?"

"Well these certainly aren't mine." Kathy replied as she placed a thin, sheer black panty with lace trimmings on the table.

"Ooohh, these are pretty!" Jenna exclaimed as she lightly fingered the pair. "Maybe he just has a fetish and likes to wear them himself?"

"Yeah, maybe." Kathy forced herself to laugh. "But these smell of perfume and his shirts smell of the same perfume too. I tell you Jenn, the other night when he came home late, I swear I could smell pussy on his face!"

"Well as long as you're sure." Jenna replied. "nothing worse than accusing him of something he didn't do."

"Hell, I'm not stupid just to base it on smells. I've got proof, other than this panty. Wanna see?"

Jenna nodded as she got up to follow Kathy. They walked to the den where Todd kept his computer.

"Trouble is, he thinks I'm too stupid to know how to use a computer. Just because I hardly use it doesn't mean I don't know how to access stuff. This is where he downloads the pictures from the digital camera." Kathy explained.

Jenna watched as Kathy expertly navigated through all the files. Finally a picture of a pretty brunette showed up.

"That's the bitch." Kathy announced matter of factly. "See, in this one she's even modelling that exact same pair of panties."

Kathy scrolled through various pictures of the pretty brunette while Jenna watched.

"Her tits aren't even half as big as yours" Jenna said.

"Here. She's sucking his cock. And this one, the bastard obviously used the timer while he was eating her pussy."

"She's shaved too." Jenna said

"And this one, here. Look at her face as he fucks her! Need anymore proof?"

"Sorry Kathy. Im really am" Jenna consoled her best friend.

"I'm okay. I was a mess the other day but I'm okay now. I just need to know how to get this mother fucker back. I want to get him where it hurts the most."

"Have you checked his web history?" Jenna asked.

"No. Why?"

"Well, we can see what sort of things he likes, you know, I'm sure he surfs porn." Jenna explained.

The two women browsed through the web history on the computer. Jenna was right, there were a lot of links to hardcore porn sites.

"Mmm...looks like Todd is into a bit of Domination judging by the sites he visits." Jenna exclaimed.

"Yeah, he's mentioned that in passing before. But so what?"

"Well.....I may have a plan...." Jenna smiled. "But I also need you to think about the fantasies you have. And really Kat, how far are you willing to go to get back at Todd?"

"I want to get him. I'd even roast his balls just before I kick his ass out!"

The two women laughed as they sat down to plot their revenge.

*** *** *****

A week later, Jenna and Kathy had put the plan in motion. It was just a matter of making sure everything fell into place at the right time. Coordination was the key and Jenna had agreed to handle the logistical aspects of their plan.

"We need a place to use. I'm not doing this at home." Kathy said.

"I agree. I've already thought of that. You can use my condo, its still not rented out yet." Jenna offered.

"Cool, but how do I get him there?"

"Girl! Do I have to think of everything? Tell him you're bi curious and your gorgeous friend Jenna is too." Jenna smiled seductively. "Tell him you want him there to watch as you could never do this without his support."

"You've got a real conniving mind!" Kathy exclaimed. "Sure it will work?"

"No man is ever gonna resist the chance to see two women making it together." Jenna laughed. "And I can guarantee you that he'll cancel all other plans he may have. Even if he has a prior engagement, he'll cancel!"

"So shall we set it for Sunday?" Kathy asked.

"Sounds good to me." Jenna replied. "The divorce papers should be ready by Friday so that gives you plenty of time."

"Fine. Sunday it is then." Kathy said softly

*** ***** ***

Kathy picked up the divorce papers on Friday and stared at it ruefully. She still loved Todd but she couldn't accept his cheating on her. It wasn't the fact that he had fucked someone else. It was the fact that he had hidden it from her. It was the fact that she couldn't trust him anymore. She had always told him she was open minded. She had always maintained that he should talk to her if he wasn't happy ? sexually or otherwise. Hiding things from her and lying to her about where he was and who he was with was the problem. That was cheating.

She couldn't understand why he had to go behind her back and fuck someone else. She would have let him have his way with that bimbo as long as he had included her too. But he obviously had something special going on with the other woman. He wanted the bimbo to himself and without telling her or sharing that part of his life with her. And that was what hurt. She wiped the tears from her eyes and with steely resolve decided that she was going on with her life. She had enough money to live on her own and didn't really need any of Todd's but she was still going to sue for alimony.

"I'm gonna make the fucker pay for this..." She whispered, as she put the divorce papers back in the envelope. Another two days of this charade and then she would get back at him. Oh, yes, she was going to make him pay.

*** **** ****

Karen slipped into the outfit she had bought the previous week and Jenna let out a low whistle.

"You look really hot, Girl!" Jenna exclaimed.

"So do you." Kathy responded. "I wish you could have seen Todd's eyes when I told him I was exploring my bi side with you."

"I bet his tongue was hanging on the floor!"

"Oh yes!" Kathy replied

"How did you get him to meet you here rather than coming with you?"

"I just told him that we needed to get comfortable with each other first. Told him that women are different and we cant just dive down like men can." Kathy explained. "So he agreed to meet us at 3.

"Okay. The others are coming anytime now. You sure your up for this? There's no backing down once we start."

"Lets do it." Kathy said just as the doorbell rang.

"That'll be the rest of the 'party'" Jenna laughed. "This is it baby."

"Bring it on" Kathy said calmly.

*** **** ****

Todd parked his car in the basement and walked briskly to the lobby. He entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 11th floor. He never knew Jenna had an apartment in this luxurious condominium. His heart was beating at the thought of seeing Jenna and his wife making out on the bed. He hoped he would have a chance of sticking his pole into Jenna's pussy. He had always found her attractive and he was thrilled just at the chance of seeing her naked.

He rang the doorbell and heard some movement inside before the door opened and he saw Jenna standing there. She looked magnificent, wearing a baby blue sheer teddy with a matching g-string. Her firm breasts stood out proudly and he noticed that her breasts were round and full, almost spilling out at the sides.

Todd leaned in for a hug and to give her a kiss on the cheek but Jenna stepped back.

"Ah-Ah...No touching Todd. Not yet anyway." She teased. Todd caught her glancing down at his crotch and it jerked in response. Jenna took hold of his hand and led him into the master bedroom, pushing him in. Suddenly he felt his arms being grabbed and a towel thrown over his head, cutting off his sight.

"Wh-What?" Todd cried out. "Whats going on?" He was led to a chair and forced to sit down. His hands were tied to the chair as were his legs. The towel was lifted from his head and he found himself looking at the double bed in front of him. He relaxed a little as he saw his wife Kathy lying seductively on the bed.

She was wearing hardly anything at all. A sheer red bra covered her ample breasts while a matching red panties covered her pussy. Todd watched as his wife slowly spread her legs. Jenna climbed on to the bed and slowly pulled Kathy's panties down, kissing her thighs as she did so. Todd felt his cock lurching in his pants as his eyes were transfixed to the scene before him.

He felt a tremor of lust go through him as his wifes pussy came into view ? completely hairless! She had never shaved her pussy before and this was a huge turn on for him.

"Ohh Baby! I love that shaved pussy!" Todd exclaimed

"Ummm...really?" Kathy teased.

Jenna sauntered sexily over to Todd and undid him zip. She pulled his pants down to his ankles and followed suit with his underpants. His freed cock now stood up straight, throbbing hotly. Jenna blew her hot breath on to Todd's cock, making him moan.

"I'm waiting guys." Kathy said softly.

"Guys? What guys?" Todd asked almost mockingly. "Go on Jenna, go do your thing."

From behind him, three men appeared. The same men that had roughly grabbed Todd and tied him to the chair. They were all well built and more importantly well hung. One was a big, black man with a shaven head.

"What the fuck is going on?" Todd yelled out. "Who the fuck are these guys?"

He watched amazed as Karen beckoned them over and two men started pawing his wife.

"Get the fuck off her!" Todd yelled. "What the fuck are you doing Karen?"

"Oh shut him up." Karen said with fire in her eyes. "Use her panties."

Jenna laughed as she dangled the thin lacy pair of panties that Kathy had found in front of Todd's face. The evidence of Todd's affair.

"Its not what you..." Todd's protests were silenced by Jenna stuffing the panties into his mouth.

Todd stared as Jenna knelt before the black man and slowly licked the shaft of his black cock. His eyes darted to his wife who was getting her breasts sucked on by one of the guys while the other was eating her out. She was moaning and thrusting her hips upward and his cock jerked spasmodically as he watched.

"Shall I fuck you now babe?" the guy eating Kathy's pussy asked. "Yeah. You can suck on this while he fucks you." The one sucking her breasts said as he knelt beside her and offered her his cock. "Fuck me David. Fuck this hot pussy." Kathy moaned. "Show my bastard husband how a hot pussy should be fucked."

Todd felt a wave of anger and frustration wash over him at his wife's harsh words. He watched his wife spread her pussy lips as David position his cock against her glistening slit. His view was obstructed by David's ass as he nudged himself inside Kathy's pussy.

"Oohh..yesss..You so hard....fill me David.. Oh feels so good." Kathy moaned. "Come here Rick, lemme suck your cock."

A sense of defeat and confusion filled Todd. The sight before him was so erotic yet it filled him with anger and revulsion that someone else was fucking his wife. What made it worse was that she was moaning and crying out in ecstasy. She had never been so vocal in all the years he had known her and here she was crying out like a whore.

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The sounds and smells of hot sex filled the room and Todd felt his precum leaking out of his cock. Jenna was now watching the action, with one hand between her thighs and the other lightly playing with the massive black cock.

"Does your husbands cock feel this good?" David taunted. "Oh God noo....just keep fucking me. Fuck me harder." Kathy moaned as she took her mouth off Rick's cock momentarily.

Rick was thrusting his cock in and out of Kathy's mouth wildly and she was sucking hard on it. Rick grunted a few times and grabbed hold of her head. Todd watched his wifes eyes growing wide as her cheeks filled out.

"Oh yeah honey. That's it! Suck it all out!" Rick cried out.

Todd felt sick as he realised that Karen had just taken another mans jism in her mouth. As Rick pulled out of her, he could see cum dripping down the sides of her mouth. A trail that she quickly lapped up with her tongue. She had said that his was the only cum that she had ever swallowed and now he wasn't the only one.

"Harder David. Gonna cum....there...there...just there....harder...Oh Gd...Yesss!" "Oh fuck....fuck..fuck meeee......eennnnggghhhh" Kathy screamed out loudly. Her body arched upward and she clutched her breasts tightly as she shook with orgasm. David pulled out of her pussy and came to the side of the bed, offering his cock to Kathy.

Todd could see Kathy's pussy cream coating David's cock. His stomach turned again as he watched Kathy greedily open her mouth and swallow David's cock. Her mouth pistoned up and down David's shaft as her fingers toyed with his balls. David groaned loudly and thrust his cock deep into Kathy's mouth. Todd watched his wife taking another load into her mouth as her hand flew down to diddle on her clit. His own cock was only half hard now as his entire being felt deflated.

"Looks like its my turn now." The black man grunted. His cock had grown larger with the expert ministrations of Jenna's hand. "Go get her ready girl."

Todd's eyes followed Jenna as she placed her fingers in the black man's mouth, allowing him to suck them clean. Jenna sashayed over to Kathy and tapped her butt. Kathy flipped herself over and Jenna proceeded to lick her pussy, working up to her butt hole. Kathy moaned as Jenna's fingers probed her pussy and virgin ass. Her tongue licked the rosebud of Kathy's anus, eliciting excited gasps and moans from Kathy.

Jenna then slipped underneath Kathy and positioned herself so that her juicy pussy was under Kathy's mouth. Kathy lowered her pussy on to Jenna's mouth as her own mouth pressed into Jenna's mound. Todd's cock stirred a little to life now as he watched his wife and best friend making out ? the scene that he had come here to see in the first place. His momentary thrill changed to trepidation as he saw the black man move behind his wife and caress her ass.

"Go easy on her Leroy." Jenna said quietly.

All eyes were on Leroy as he slowly pushed his cock into Kathy's gaping pussy. A muffled moan of ecstasy escaped Kathy's pussy filled mouth as the big cock stretched her. Jenna softly licked Kathy's clitoris, causing her body to tremble.

"Oh God! He's so biggg.....!" Kathy moaned. Her pussy was stretched wide and Todd could see that Leroy was only halfway in. Leroy pushed himself further in, causing Kathy to moan louder. Leroy started to slowly thrust in and out of Kathy and Todd could see streaks of thick white pussy cream start to coat the black cock. Kathy's pussy seemed to have acclimatised to the thickness and she was rocking her body back to meet his thrusts.

"Good God Leroy...! That's so goood.... Oh yess....fuck me now. Fuck me hard." "Your cock feels so good in my pussy..Oh shittt.....yesss....God your'e so biggg...oh Godddd!"

Todd looked in astonishment at the transformation of his wife into a cock loving slut. It looked like she couldn't get enough and she wasn't afraid to voice it out either. He felt a mixture of jealousy and inadequacy and at this moment, he hated himself for cheating on his wife. At the same time, he hated her for doing this to him.

Little dew drops of pussy juice leaked from Kathy's pussy into Jenna's slurping mouth. Jenna's thighs were raised and thrusting up into Kathy's mouth as Leroy fucked deep and long into Kathy's pussy. His hands clasped her hips and her pulled her to him with each long thrust.

Jenna suddenly tensed and let out a long low moan as she came hard on Kathy's mouth. Her fingers dances wildly on Kathy's clit as she came, triggering Kathy's ow violent climax. Both women shook and trembled in orgasm as Leroy continued to saw in and out of Kathy's pussy.

Jenna pushed Kathy's ass away as she clambered out from underneath Kathy's body and slipped aside. Kathy now had her face buried in the mattress as her raised pussy continued to be buffeted by Leroy's magnificent prick.

She was almost incoherent with lust as she moaned and groaned in ecstasy. Her body was shaking in uncontrolled pleasure as orgasm after orgasm ripped into her.

"Go on Leroy, break her cherry ass." David encouraged.

Todd felt a wave of nausea wash over him as he watched Leroy pull his cock out of Kathy's pussy and position it against her bung hole.

"Oh yeahh...Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass..." Kathy pleaded. "Gimme a cock to!"

David didn't need any further encouragement. He moved to the front of the bed and Kathy quickly swallowed his cock. Leroy spat on his cock and slowly pushed against her virgin rosebud. Todd felt his stomach doing cartwheels and he was almost physically sick as he wife let out a scream that was only muffled by the cock in her mouth.

He watched as Leroy gripped her hips and forced his way inside her. Kathy was practically whimpering now and Todd had no idea if it was for pain or out of pleasure. Leroy started hammering his cock violently in and out of Kathy's pussy now and her whimpers slowly changed to mewls and moans. She was rocking back on to Leroy's cock now and her moans grew louder. The final evidence that she was thoroughly enjoying this butt fuck was when her hand flew down to her crotch to finger her pussy.

"Uunnnh....Oooohhhh! Its so good! Oh yess...fuck my ass! Fuck it good! Oh myyy Goddd....." She cried out as she momentarily removed her mouth from David's cock. David jerked his on cock as Kathy continued to cry out.

I'm gonna cum again... oh Godddd.... Ohhhhh.... Ohhhhh Aaaahhh... .Eeeeeaahh...Ohhh yesss... Oh Goddd... Oh Fuuuucccckkk.... .Nyeeaaaggh!!" Her body trembled and spasmed as her head flayed wildly from side to side.

Leroy suddenly shuddered and let out a low groan. His ass clenched and her pulled Kathy to him tightly. Davi'd cock suddenly erupted as well and streams of cum sprayed over Kathy's face.

"Oh yess...I can feel you cumming in my ass....Oh Godd...cum in me.... Cum...fill my ass with your cummmmm." Kathy was a sex demon and Todd could see her pussy clenching spasmodically.

Leroy's cock slipped out of Kathy's well used ass with a popping sound and Todd watched as the white liquid slowly dripped out of her ass and into the crevice of her gaping pussy. Jenna cried out as her own pussy was filled with Rick's hot cum and everyone luxuriated in the throes of their orgasms.

Todd sat slumped in his chair, feeling the need to be physically ill. His mouth was dry both as a result of the panties in his mouth as well as the emotional trauma. His body was lightly coated in sweat and his cock was practically flaccid. He felt defeated and depressed.

David and Rick walked up to him and untied him, handing him an envelope as they did so. Todd spat out the panties in his mouth and looked at Kathy, who had rolled over on the bed. She stared back at Todd.

"Those are divorce papers Todd. I'm spending the night here. I'll expect you and your things will be out of MY house by tomorrow morning. You can spend the rest of your life with that bimbo of yours for all I care."

"Kathy... I'm sorry... I never meant.." Todd tried to say. "Enough Todd. Enough. You cheated on me and I wanted you to know how it feels. Feels shit doesn't it? Now just get the fuck out." Kathy said. She watched as Todd slowly walked out of the room, completely defeated and a shadow of the man that had first walked into her life. The rest of the players watched as well as Todd walked out of Kathy's life. Kathy bit back the tears as the final act in the end of her marriage was played.

Jenna came over to her, giving her a hug as only good friends can. "You okay honey?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. It had to be done." Kathy smiled meekly at her friend. "Can the guys stay the rest of the night? I think I need more cheering up."

"Already taken care of girl. We all need more cheering up!" Jenna laughed. "We're all yours for the night. Sure your pussy can take it??!!"

The two women laughed loudly as the three men grinned.... It was going to be a long night!